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  • Legal Thinking and Litigation Strategies Workshop

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    Dear colleagues, partners and students,


    We are glad to invite you to attend the first workshop organized by Murgova and Partners team in partnership with the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA), the Court of Arbitration at BIA, and The Center for American Studies in Poznan, Poland.

    The event will cover rarely discussed subjects in our daily practice of law, namely, Legal Thinking and Litigation Strategies.

    Why are legal thinking strategies so important?

    Everything we do in the legal profession is with the perspective of resolving or otherwise dealing with conflicts. Having the correct legal thinking strategies in a conflict from the get-go is indispensable to understanding how to apportion our time and resources in a conflict, in order to address only what is pertinent to actually winning the “war” at the end.

    The workshop will cover practical legal thinking short-cuts that will equip you with fresh and tested approaches to issues arising in legal disputes.


    When: October 13th 2022, 14:00 EEST (UTC+3)


    Where: Conference hall at BIA, located Sofia, 76 Chataldzha Str.


    The workshop will be presented in English.

    The Moderator of the event will be Mrs. Petya Murgova – managing partner and leading team member in Dispute resolution and Mediation at Murgova and partners.

    We are glad to announce as well that our guest lecturer will be attorney Mr. Valery Loumber, Academic Director at the Center for American Studies (“CFAS”) in Poznan, Poland. Mr. Loumber has over 20 years of legal experience in the United States, including experience in private practice, as staff attorney for several federal judges, as a lecturer and professor of law, and also as a judge.  Currently, he is a partner at the litigation law firm of Gavrilov & Brooks in Sacramento, California.

    The workshop will be with duration of 3 hours and is free for students.

    For other attendees the participation fee is in the amount of 36 EUR.

    Should you wish to participate please contact us at office@murgova.com for more payment details.

    We are looking forward to meeting you there!


    Petya Murgova

    and Murgova & Partners Team