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The advancement of innovation and technology has put a new focus on business, making it a vital condition for its successful development by providing preliminary and complete protection of the intellectual products concentrated in companies. As a result, various forms of industrial property (patented inventions, protected utility models, registered trademarks, designs, etc.) are recognized as assets of daily rising value. Equally important to any company are the copyright objects it develops (software products and solutions, databases, etc.).

We, at the Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law, are aware of the challenges each company faces in order to protect the products of its own intellectual achievements and, ultimately, to ensure its own brand recognition in the highly competitive environment . In our team you will find the most appropriate legal partner, ready to offer flexible and effective solutions that provide comprehensive and complete protection of your intellectual property – both at the stage of its initial design and creation, and subsequently in the distribution and validation of the finished products.

Our team will also be at your disposal as your legal advisor in any proceedings before the courts or specialized commissions for the purpose of an on-time and complete professional protection of your intellectual property rights in the case of abuses, illegal acts and other forms of infringement that affect them substantially.


The team of Murgova and Partners has a long-term and rich experience in providing services to corporate local and foreign clients in all intellectual property matters. The execellent knowledge of the specific national and European regulations, combined with a thorough analysis of the trends in the markets in which our clients operate, ensures the high quality of the provided legal services. Equally important to us are the clients – individuals – authors of various works of science and art, who trust us with the protection of the products of their intellectual work, as well as our cooperation with professional organizations for collective management of copyright.

Among the more important services we provide to corporate or retail clients/clients-individuals, we could highlight:

Copyright and related rights services

(within the meaning of the Copyright and Related Rights Act), which include assisting creators of works of art (authors, actors, musicians) in signing contracts with large companies, producers and distributors of subject matter – rights to created works. Law Firm provides legal assistance in cases related to copyright protection on the Internet, protection of the activity of Internet service providers and distribution of media content on the Internet, as well as protection regarding various software products, applications, solutions and data bases.

Services related to the protection of industrial property rights

which include full assistance in administrative procedures for the acquisition of national or European patents for inventions, registrations of utility models, registrations of national trademarks by the Patent Office, European Union trade mark registrations intellectual property etc.The provided services include in-depth analysis and assistance in selecting the most appropriate form of intellectual work protection for our clients.

We also provide legal services to protect our clients’ trademark rights in the context of parallel imports, an area that is extremely specific and in which our attorneys’ inputs contribute to the validation of case law.

We have notable experience in the protection and settlement of relationships regarding licensed rights, franchise agreements, issues related to the protection of trade secrets (within the meaning of the National Law on Protection of Trade Secrets) and the transfer of rights to protected intellectual property objects and know-how.

Mediation as an opportunity

Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law provides legal advice in all forms of infringements of intellectual property rights, as well as in legal representation in conducting infringement cases, claiming damages, etc. before the national civil and administrative courts and the Competition Commission.


Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law has a long-term experience in applying national and European intellectual property law, including successfully protecting our clients’ interests in proceedings against multinational companies. Our team assists both on an ongoing basis within the framework of long-term partnerships with our clients, and when a specific need arises to protect their rights and interests.