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The increasing motivation in recent years for the consolidation of a large number of Bulgarian and foreign private investors on the market, combined with the dynamics in the regulations, regarding public contracts and concessions, calls for more and more specialized assistance in all stages of the procedure, both from individuals and public authorities. The financial resources provided by the European Union for the development and support of increasingly diverse areas of business also provoke additional interest in public-private partnerships in our country.

We, at Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law, strive to always be up-to-date with the latest changes in the regulation of public-private partnerships and the complications arising from them in order to guarantee the highest level of professional protection of the interests of our clients. We have extensive experience in public procurement and concessions and can be your trusted partner, providing you with legal comfort and security at all stages of the procedure, as well as, when necessary, assisting in appeal proceedings before specialized administrative bodies (such as the Commission for Protection of Competition ) or courts.


Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law has an expert team specialized in the field of relations regulated by the Law on Public Procurement, the Law on Concessions and the legislative acts for their implementation, including representation of corporate local and foreign enterprises before the Commission on Protection of Competition and national courts applying legislative acts in the field of public procurement and concessions. As a result of our long-standing partnerships, not only with clients from various fields of activity, but also with reputable Bulgarian and foreign private companies, established as trustworthy partners, providing quality goods and services, we have the necessary theoretical background and professional experience to guarantee the highest level of our services.

Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law can provide you with the necessary assistance, both as an assignor or contractor, during each stage of the overall procedure for the election of contractor or concessioner under public procurement procedures, as well as in all cases of extraordinary and / or unforeseen circumstances that arise during the process which require in-depth analysis and specific knowledge in the field.

In this respect, we offer the following services:

Drafting of Procedure initiation documentation, including public procurement procedure announcements

announcements for procedures and low value procurement by public and sectoral contracting authorities;

Participation in commissions

for selection of candidates and participants, and assessment of bids on public contracts and negotiations and dialogue; Preparation of constituent documents;

Participation of external experts as members or consultants in commissions

commissions for conducting concessionaire selection procedures;

Consultations and assistance

under the procedures for drafting of applications and offers in the accordance with legal requirements and the conditions announced in advance by the assignors and the concendents;

Participation on behalf of the client in public hearings

of the assisting bodies during the procedures for assignment of public procurements and the ones for assignment of concessioner;

Participation on behalf of the client in negotiations with the assignor

of the public procurements and for the negotiating of contractual clauses with the assignor;

Drafting of claims

against decisions, actions and omissions of assignors and concendents;

Drafting of legal opinions under claims

against decisions, actions and omissions of assignors and concendents;

Drafting of legal opinions under specific enquiries

in the sphere of public procurements and concessions;

Drafting of internal rules

for the management of public procurement cycle;

Litigation and assistance

 before the Commission for protection of competition, the Supreme administrative court, competent administrative courts, Public financial inspection Agency, Bulgarian National Audit Office;

Mediation as an opportunity

We, from Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law are next to our clients, when necessary, to assist them in reaching agreements with Contracting authorities and grantors, in accordance with the applicable regulations.


Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law has a long-term experience in the implementation of public procurement and concessions law. Our team assists in both – retainer services within the framework of long-term partnerships with our clients, and in the case of sporadic cases and specific needs for assistance and protection of their rights and interests.