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In recent decades, the energy sector has undergone significant developments in a number of areas. This was mainly due to technological developments, but also to the new opportunities that until recently, conservative markets have offered to private investors in the energy sector. The expansion of energy in the countries of the former Eastern bloc, including Bulgaria, inevitably imposed the need to introduce a completely new legislative and regulatory framework, which posed new and unknown challenges for businesses.

On the other hand, the development of technology has led to more and more investment opportunities, which is also reflected in the increased interest in renewable energy at the end of the first decade of the new century. Of course, in order to maintain the upward trend, this branch of the sector needed encouragement and self-regulation that took into account its specificities and global policy for gradually increasing the share of energy from renewable energy sources.

The sector has evolved not only in terms of investments in electricity production, but also in terms of stock trading with this specific raw material.

The dynamics in the development of the sector requires business to be constantly active in order to keep up with the latest changes in the regulation, and this is only possible with the involvement of energy law specialists such as Murgova and partners Attorneys at law, whose in-depth and up-to-date knowledge to provide a solid foundation on which to build management decisions and strategies.


Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law provides its clients – Bulgarian and foreign companies, professional advice and advice in the field of energy law. We also assist and advise our clients in the implementation of projects in the field of energy and renewables, through the study and preparation of legal analyzes and full legal services regarding the necessary administrative procedures for the project. We offer and choose along with the client the most appropriate solution regarding his investment intentions in the field.

Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law advises its corporate clients on all matters of energy law, providing (based on in-depth analysis) recommendations on the overall structuring of their business or individual operations and commercial transactions, negotiating with partners and we also provide assistance in litigation and administrative proceedings. We assist and represent our clients in negotiating project financing and preparing loan agreements and financing agreements, setting up joint ventures or project companies, depending on the client’s specific capabilities, as well as full legal assistance to clients before regulatory authorities in relation to the overall implementation of the projects. We advise on the legal aspects of tax legislation applicable in the field, the application of the Double taxation treaties and prepare opinions and strategies for optimizing the tax burden. The law firm’s attorneys provide legal representation before competent regulatory and other administrative and judicial authorities, including the Competition Commission, including in cases of compensation for damages caused by repealed unlawful acts in the field of energy.

Among the services we offer are:

Legal advice in relation to the acquisition of real estate and their change of purpose for the purpose of electricity production;

Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law provides legal services in full consultation and assistance on every legal and business aspect related to real estate, their status and their transactions.

These legal services cover at least the following areas – legal analysis and preliminary verification of real estate status; consultation on establishing property rights, establishing limited real rights and opportunities for changing the purpose of real estate Legal services and consultancy in conducting the administrative procedures related to the change of the purpose of the real estate and the supply of building permits and licenses related to the construction and operation of energy parks (wind and photovoltaic), cogeneration plants and technologies, local and central heating systems / cold storage and other energy production facilities;

Licensing of electricity trading

We offer a full range of services related to preparation and completion of the procedures for issuing a license for electricity trading, including preparation of all necessary documents and representation before the EWRC, client licensing for the function “Balancing Group Coordinator”, appeal against decisions of EWRC and legal representation before the competent administrative and judicial authorities.

Other procedures

Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law also offers legal services and assistance in conducting a procedure for registration of the Client in Electricity System Operator EAD (ESO), Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange (IBEX) and effective start-up of electricity trading;

Mediation as an opportunity

We at Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law assist our clients, when necessary, in reaching agreements with their partners in the implementation of energy projects.


Murgova and Partners attorneys at law has extensive experience in the field of energy law – both in the area of conventional sources, and in the field of nuclear energy and renewable energy. We provide our clients with legal analysis and advice on all issues related to the free and regulated electricity market – regulatory requirements and permits, connection contracts, access, transmission, purchase, balancing, and combined services contracts.