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The participation of Bulgaria in a number of international unions, formations and organizations at above-national level, as well as the ensuing engagements of the country, have a significant impact on the national regulatory environment , existing regulatory regimes, special requirements for specific areas of business and so forth. The dynamics of economic relations, technological progress and innovation require the legislation to constantly ‘catch up’ and regulate emerging business models.

All this reflects on the frequent legislative initiative of the competent national authorities and the resulting changes in the legal framework. The latter, on the other hand, creates significant uncertainty for the business, as well as ambiguity as to whether the existing models and processes of the performed activity comply with all relevant regulatory requirements.

In our team you can find a trusted legal advisor who will be at your disposal to fully ensure the lawful conduct of your business in every legal aspect, both on a retainner level or project based – depending on the needs of your company and the specifics of your business


Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law provides legal advice and assistance to its Bulgarian and foreign clients, public authorities and organizations on all the matters in the field of Personal data protection compliance, Anti-money laundering compliance, Trade secret protection as well as other Compliance procedures .

Amongst others as part of our leading service we can highlight:

Personal data protection compliance

Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law provides its clients with thorough legal services related to bringing the client’s activities in compliance with the requirements of the existing EU (General data protection regulation) and national (Personal Data Protection) regulations.

These legal services cover a comprehensive legal analysis of all relevant aspects of the current status and state of processing personal data in the client’s organization. As a result, preparation of an up-to-date and complete analysis of the performed processes is initiated, which highlights their shortcomings, provides recommendations for improvement and bhighlights the most suitable “working” solutions for the organization of the client’s activity. This analysis is performed for both – clients with continuous years of activity and also for those who are just laying the foundations of their business. In addition and according to the specifics of the client’s activity, a complete set of documents is prepared, the availability of which ensures the proper fulfillment of all relevant regulatory requirements. In order to maximize the efficiency of the services provided, our team prepares and carries out introductory and follow-up trainings for employees in the client’s organization, the performance of whose work functions falls within the scope of the personal data protection system.


In addition, our team also has an extensive experience in advising/consulting our clients in the event of disputes with personal data subjects, as well as in the field of representation before the competent public authorities (Data Protection Commission, Data Protection Commission consumers, courts, etc.) in connection with proceedings on matters relating to the protection of personal data.

Anti-money laundering compliance

Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law provides complex legal services regarding the implementation of the requirements of national and European legislation in the field of prevention of money laundering. The experience we have from working on projects with different entities falling within the meaning of the Law on Measures against Money Laundering allows us to prepare complete internal documentation (Internal Rules, Instructions, Orders, etc.) in accordance with the specifics of the activity of the client. As a reflection of the utmost care given to our clients, we offer the opportunity to train senior management staff and other employees in the client organization whose activities are related to the execution of implemented anti-money laundering measures.


Our team assists its clients in all administrative and notification procedures, provided in the legislation in the field, including in the preparation of various notifications to the State Agency for National Security, drafting and filing UBO declarations in the relevant register (Commercial and Non-Profit Registers, Bulstat Register etc.), drafting of documents for the performance of functions of a contact person within the meaning of Art. 63, para. 4 of the LMML, etc..

Mediation as an opportunity

Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law is always is next to its clients, when necessary, to fully assist them in inspections by competent national authorities, in the course of administrative proceedings, reaching out-of-court agreements in disputes concerning the protection of personal data, application and implementation of regulatory procedures, etc.


Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law has rich experience in the application of national and European law in the field of personal data protection, measures against money laundering and application and implementation of other regulatory procedures. Our team assists both on an ongoing basis within the framework of long-term partnerships with our clients, and when a specific need arises to protect their rights and interests.