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Increasingly dynamic daily life requires both – business and investors, as well as individuals, to choose the right partners in every area of the economy, especially for those that are developing dynamically, as is the field of transport. The volume of trade turnover and the freight transport is increasing every day. And the ever-expanding online trading is predetermining the growing need to carry all kinds of goods.

On the other hand, the Republic of Bulgaria’s position as an important transit country between Europe and the Middle East has become increasingly visible in recent years. Through the development and renovation of the transport infrastructure, the Republic of Bulgaria will continue to play a significant role in international transit traffic in the future. These economic conditions lead to the rapid development of business in this field and to the growing need for competent knowledge of the specifics of Bulgarian transport and freight forwarding law.

Transport and forwarding law regulate a wide range of legal relations related to the national and cross-border carriage of goods and the way in which it is carried out to their destination on different routes, covering land, air, rail and shipping. Furthermore, transport law also covers liability for damage to transport operations and due to the often cross-border nature of carriage, when settling disputes, a series of European rules and international agreements must be taken into account in addition to national legislation.

Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law will consult you on your transportation and freight forwarding business from its start, providing legal services in all possible aspects of the right of storage and logistics, cross-border freight transport, the occurrence of transport charges, cargo insurance, transportation of dangerous or other specific goods. The subject matter of the consultation also includes the possibilities of preventing possible disputes, preparing conceptual solutions for that and ways of their realization. We assist in claims for damages and legal representation. It is also important to take prompt and correct action in the event of liability for damage or delay during transportation, which is why we advise our clients to seek professional legal assistance immediately in such cases.

Also, our team will be at your disposal as your trusted legal advisor in any claim, administrative or tax proceedings regarding freight transportation and freight forwarding in order to protect your interests in a timely and complete manner.


Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law provides its clients – Bulgarian and foreign companies, public authorities and organizations, professional advice and consultations in the field of transport and forwarding law.

The law firm offers legal advice and assistance in:


Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law has a solid experience in the field of transport and freight forwarding.

Our team provides comprehensive consultation and assistance, both on an ongoing basis within the framework of long-term partnerships with its clients, and in the implementation of a number of specific local and foreign projects with the participation of companies from the European Union and other foreign investors located outside the EU.

Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law provides a wide and full range of services in the field of transport and forwarding services, advising on the conclusion of framework and incident contracts for transportation and forwarding, developing requests, contracts and general conditions for the transportation, financing and structuring of transport and forwarding services, forwarding business, filing claims in connection with the execution of forwarding and transport contracts, legal representation, collection of receivables.

Our team is always trying to ensure that the interests of the investor and the projects are served in a customer-oriented manner by offering creative and effective business solutions based on reliable legal analysis.