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In today’s dynamic lifestyle, maintaining the harmony in family relationships has become a challenge for any family. Therefore, a large part of the case-law is connected with the settlement of these relations. First of all, these are disputes concerning termination of family relationships – the most common are cases of divorce by mutual agreement or divorce by a civil action. These proceedings rarely fully regulate the relationship between the spouses and, more often than not, also relate to other accompanying legal cases, such as cases for the support of underage children, matters of custody and domicile of common children, In cases of misunderstanding between the parents on these matters, cases of restriction and deprivation of parental rights. Commonly discussed disputes include domestic violence and prohibition.

In the area of inheritance law, always relevant are the cases of division of property, which is a matrimonial property community, or inheritance, from which occurs co-ownership between two or more people. in many cases, co-ownership causes many inconveniences that co-owners would like to avoid.

To handle and resolve all these cases, Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law provides its clients with qualified legal services tailored to the individual needs of every client, since each family and succession law case is unique and different from the others in this field.


Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law has vast experience in providing counseling and legal services across the spectrum of family law matters.

Our team prepares balanced marriage contracts according to the individual preferences of our clients in relation to the regime of property relations between them as spouses, protecting their interests in the best way possible.

Also, we successfully defend the interests of our clients regarding litigation in divorce cases, while taking into account their interests and their opportunities, procedural positions, strengths and weaknesses in the process, as well as the issues related to the divorce regarding the division of the matrimonial property.

We also provide legal assistance in resolving the issues concerning the relations with the children – parental rights, residence/ domicile, conditions for seeing the other parent, the procedure for payment of the child support, the property rights of the children during the divorce, etc.

The main services we provide in the area of succession law are:

Determination of hereditary shares

depending on the manner of acquisition of the property by the testator;

Litigation in cases of reduction of wills and donation contracts

in the event of violating the preserved part of the successor.

Mediation as an opportunity

The activity of Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law in the area of family and inheritance cases is predominantly oriented to assisting and directing our clients to out-of-court settlement of disputes affecting these relationships through negotiation and mediation.


Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law is one of the leading law firms which provides the highest quality of legal services and legal representation in the area of family and succession law. Thanks to our high level of professionalism, our team has successfully resolved numerous family and inheritance disputes, gaining invaluable experience that provides us with the peace and confidence to handle any assigned case.