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The development of economic and business relations, innovation and the digitalization of the means of communication inevitably reflects on the area of ​​labor law and employer-employee relations. Although the industry is relatively conservative in Bulgaria, it also faces the current challenges of globalization and free markets. In this sense, employment cases are entering a new stage of development, often going beyond national law. These are the reasons why, in the field of labor law, there are also legislative changes and new institutes trying to achieve synchronization between the regulatory framework and the developing business relations.

In recent years, employers in Bulgaria have also faced another challenge which is finding a skilled workforce. Despite the positive trend of educated young professionals returning back to our country, the process is still in its beginning faze , but it is also an excellent prerequisite for assessing the important role of one of the relatively new entrants in the field – recruitment agencies

Undoubtedly, the dynamic business relations, especially in employment, should strictly comply with the requirements of national law and EU law. Therefore, the role of an experienced legal advisor, such as Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law, in concluding, amending and terminating employment contracts, drafting internal acts in the field of employment relations, resolving labor disputes, preparing labor-legal analyzes, structuring and restructuring employment relationships and other similar issues that arise on a daily basis for businesses.

The free movement of goods and people, open markets and mobility are also factors affecting the industry. Migration and Citizenship Institute cases are also issues that you can confidently assign to our experienced and highly-qualified attorneys.


Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law provides its clients – Bulgarian and foreign companies, public authorities and organizations, and individuals with full legal services in the field of labor and migration law, focusing its efforts on identifying the challenges and needs of its clients in these areas.

The company has a proven experience in regulating employment and migration relations, including those with an international element, social security, including in the areas of protection against discrimination and protection of personal data.

As leading among the offered services we can highlight:


Employee consultations

We successfully assist the employee in signing employment contracts, violated labor law rights, challenging унлавфул dismissal, cases related to unlawful dismissal, working hours, annual leave, issuing claims against unlawful dismissal, reinstatement of work and payment of benefits.

Employer consultation

Our team provides consultations in the field of individual and collective employment relations and supports its clients in all areas of human resource management and development. Our legal advice covers both complex employment contracts and termination agreements, company agreements and other employment relationships, as well as issues related to hiring and managing a business. We successfully advise employers in the preparation of documents regulating the internal organization of each company and ensuring healthy and safe working conditions.

Legal representation in labor disputes

Murgova and Partners Attorneys a Law has successfully assisted its clients in legal representation in litigation of labor disputes by employees / employers.

Labor migration

We provide a wide range of legal services in the field of migration law, successfully assisting in various administrative procedures, including the issuance of short-stay visas, permits for permanent or permanent residence of nationals from countries outside the European Union, as well as the regime of stay in the country of EU citizens.

Mediation as an opportunity

Whenever it is possible and for the benefit of our clients, we always try to reach an out-of-court agreement through negotiation and mediation, thereby reducing the risks and reaching a faster and mutually satisfactory solution to specific cases.


Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law is a leading law firm with extensive experience in the field of labor and migration law. For over 20 years, we have successfully defended the interests of both employees and employers, and strive to effectively serve the interests of business in every employment and migration case.