We are a team of professionals who, regardless of the challenges of time, believe that law is the art of good and equitable.

For more than 20 years,with care and attention to every detail, we have successfully protected the interests of business and have provided legal comfort and security to our clients - Bulgarian and international companies, ministries and departments alike.

We believe that there are no big and small clients, big and small legal interests.

We approach eachcase with creativity and dedication to find a workable and effective solution.

Loyalty, integrity and professionalism are the hallmarks of our law firm.

Аreas of Еxpertise

Murgova and partners Attorneys at Law offers its clients a wide spectrum of legal services in the sphere of corporate and commercial law among which we can inexhaustibly list the following:

  • legal advice and consultations in relation to commencing and developing business activity, including but not limited to selection of the most appropriate legal form thereof;
  • establishment of all kinds of companies and registration of all subsequent changes in the Trade Register;
  • legal due diligence of companies;
  • legal advise and consultations with regard to the operative Bulgarian legislation relevant to protection and stimulation of foreign investments, including but not limited to cross-border accounting and tax aspects thereof;
  • mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) and all types of corporate transformations and reorganizations;
  • joint venture and foreign investments;
  • assistance and legal representation in commercial negotiations;
  • drafting all kinds of commercial contracts, including but not limited to sale-purchase contracts, manufacturing contracts, operating and finance lease contracts, distribution, services agreements; licensing, marketing, etc.;
  • conducting negotiations and out-of-court settlement agreements for solving commercial disputes and thus satisfy clients’ claims.

Our law office offers its clients complete due diligence considering the local and foreign investments in Bulgaria, drafting of investment projects, their certification, as well as legal advice concerning commencement and management of business in the country.

Murgova and partners Attorneys at Law provides its clients the following services in the sphere of debt collection:

  • commercial debt collection, including by initiation of insolvency proceedings;
  • debt collection (commercial and bank);
  • enforcement execution under the Special Pledges Act;
  • enforcement execution under the Civil Procedure Code, including litigation in order for payment and executive proceedings;

Our law office offers its clients complex legal consultations and complete solutions in relation to insolvency proceedings by providing the subsequent services:

  • litigation and legal assistance ininitiating and conducting insolvency proceedings;
  • drafting of recovery plans and agreements with creditors;
  • representation in the procedure of redemption of debtor’s possessions, etc.

Our team also aims to offer its clients alternative methods for solving different types of disputes and satisfy clients’ claims through negotiations and out-of-court agreements.

Our law office provides to its clients - individuals and legal entities, professional advice and assistance in the sphere of banking and financial law, including drafting of bank contracts and collaterals – bank guarantees, trustee accounts, financial collateral agreements, establishment of special pledges, mortgages, drafting of bank credit agreements for, preparation of the required documentation for obtaining and servicing of bank loans and assistance in negotiations with bank institutions, as well as drafting of legal opinions on restructuring of debts and the client’s complete debt status.

We provide our clients with assistance during the whole procedure of licensing and/or filing of finance institutions under the Credit Institutions Act in the relevant register of the Bulgarian National Bank. We are experienced in drafting the complete set of required registration documentation. In addition, we are prepared to provide complete legal opinions under the operating legislation with regard to established and already operating institutions.

Our attorneys provide analyses and assistance related to the status and operation of established Financial Management and Audit Systems and drafting of all documents according to the operating legislation for the establishment of new ones.

We have wide experience in the field of property law and construction. We render our clients complete legal advice in real estate investments in Bulgaria, as follows:

  • preliminary check of the status of the respective real estate;
  • preparation of preliminary contracts for sale of real estate, contracts for establishment of construction right over real estate and for construction;
  • legal assistance in procedures for change of use and regulation of real estate;
  • conducting negotiations for the disposition of property rights;
  • preparation of notary deeds and partition (of real estates) agreements;
  • litigation in disputes of ownership and other property rights.

We advise investors for the development of projects for securitization of real estates by supporting their complete business activity, including the management, renting and lease of real estates. In the sphere of construction we provide the legal services concerning the provision of all necessary construction permits and any other documentation, construction supervision, construction contracts.

Tax planning and consultations are a significant part of our activity. The law office has experience in the execution of avoidance of double taxation treaties, providing of legal opinions and strategies for optimization of the tax and insurance load. We offer advocacy to our clients before administrative authorities and the court in appealing against tax revision acts and other acts issued by the tax authorities.

Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law offers the full scope of legal services in the sphere of customs procedures and regimes – legal advices, litigation in appealing against administrative acts, orders for forced collection of public debts, penalty orders, etc.

We have wide and long-term experience in the field of excise legislation – we provide legal advice and analyses, litigation and representation in appealing against administrative acts, issued by customs authorities for collection of excise, recovery of excise, as well as appealing against orders for forced collection of public debts and penalty orders.

Murgova and partners Attorneys at Law has rich experience in the field of Energy and Utility Law – both in the sphere of conventional energy sources and nuclear energy and renewable energy resources. To our clients we provide legal analyses and consultations on all the matters related to the free and regulated markets in electricity – regulatory requirements and permits, accession treaties, access, transmission, sale-purchase, balancing and combined service contracts.

We also assist and consult our clients during the realization of energetics and renewable energy resources projects via legal researches and analyses, we offer and choose jointly with the client the most appropriate legal structure for realization of the investor’s activity in the fields of:

  • production and sale of the electric power;
  • acquisition of immovable property and changing the purpose they are intended for;
  • issuance and preparation of construction permits and licenses, required for the foundation and functioning of wind power and photo-voltaic parks, cogeneration power plants and technologies, local and central heat supply systems and other devices for production of energy; 
  • accession of infrastructure and buildings towards energy grids.

We assist and represent our clients in conducting negotiations related to the financing of their projects and drafting of credit and financing agreements, establishing either joint ventures or project companies depending on the particular specifics and clients’ financial resources as well as providing our clients with legal representation before regulatory authorities in relation to each project's full realization.

The lawyers in Murgova and partners Attorneys at Law are experienced in handling trials for indemnification of damages caused by annulled illegal acts in the sphere of energetics within both civil and administrative procedures.

Our law office has vast experience in providing full legal assistance and services to medical institutions. We render to our partners – medical institutions – all types of legal services and consultations related to their scope of activity – assistance in the procedures of incorporation and reorganization of both private and public medical institutions, drafting of detailed legal opinions on the basis of current legislation in the sphere of medicine, aiming to stimulate good medical practice and the prevention of medical malpractice, drafting of specialized contracts in the scope of medicine and medical care, employment contracts, revision of contracts for clinical trials, drafting of internal regulations; consultations related to the legal regime of non-medicinal products, medical devices and devices for laboratory use. We possess notable experience in the field of litigation concerning medical matters– both on behalf of the patient and on behalf of medical personnel and medical institutions.

The law office also organizes, carries out and coordinates public procurement procedures , in accordance with the specific rules on this subject.

To our clients we offer alternative methods for dispute resolution and claim settlement via negotiations and out-of-court agreements with the opposing party. 

Murgova and partners Attorneys at Law provides legal advice and assistance to its Bulgarian and foreign clients on all the matters in the field of copyright and intellectual property law.

We have gained notable experience in the protection of authors’ and licensees’ rights. We provide legal assistance for registration of trademarks, patents and utility modelswithin thePatent Office of Republic of Bulgaria and World Intellectual Property Organization. We draft license agreements, know-how exchange agreements/ agreements for transferring of know-how; franchise agreements. Our law office provides legal assistance for cases related to copyright protection in the Internet, protection of Internet Service Providers’ (ISPs) activities and distribution of media content in the Internet as well as litigation in many copyright infringement cases.

We offer legal services for protection of the rights of authors, actors, musicians related to their creativity during the use and reproduction of the protected objects.

The law office provides legal services for protection of its clients’ rights over trade marks during parallel imports – a specific sphere, in which our attorneys have contributed in the affirmation of the courts cases as well.

Murgova and partners Attorneys at Law’s team has vast experience in litigation procedures. The long-term experience of our lawyers, gained throughout the years, allows us to provide our clients with legal services of the highest quality. The range of litigation issues we can handle includes civil, commercial, employment cases and execution of foreign court and arbitration decisions, as well as their application on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Lawyers in Murgova and partners Attorneys at Law possess profound experience in the scope of corporate litigation and arbitration concerning initiating claims in the commercial, industrial, financial and administrative issues when the litigation refers to complex commercial disputes which include legal consultation prior to court proceedings, preparation and fulfillment of all kinds of commercial litigation, insolvency, labor cases.

The Lawyers in Murgova and partners Attorneys at Law possess exquisite experience in representing both Bulgarian and foreign legal entities before arbitration courts in the Republic of Bulgaria.

We also assist and consult our clients in relation to agreements for out-of-court settlement of pending issues, as we also have great experience in mediation and other types for alternative dispute resolution.

Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law has extensive experience in the field of public procurement, concessions and public-private partnerships and we provide a comprehensive package of legal services designed for satisfying the needs of private investors, on the one hand, and public authorities, on the other. In this respect we offer the following legal services:


  • consultation and participation in public procurement procedures;
  • drafting of the required documentation for participation in public procurement procedures;
  • drafting of invitations for participation;
  • participation in the Commission for review, evaluation and classification of tender offers;
  • legal advice and assistance on the various aspects and issues that arise during the procedure;
  • legal advice and assistance on the application of all the regulations related to public procurement;
  • legal advice and assistance to public agencies on the preparation of feasibility studies.


  • legal advice and assistance on the application of all the regulations regarding concessions;
  • drafting of invitations for participation;
  • intermediation services during negotiations between private entities and public authorities;
  • discussion and preparation of service concession arrangements and consulting clients in the process of fulfilling the awarded concession


  • analyses of the legal and financial structure of public-private partnerships;
  • drafting of invitations for participation;
  • drafting of public-private agreements with public authorities;
  • intermediation services during negotiations between individuals and public authorities;
  • legal representation of candidates in competitive procedures before public authorities;
  • legal assistance in the preparation of bids.

Our law office also provides to its clients – private and public entities and authorities – legal representation related to appeals against Contractors’ tender decisions before the Commission for protection of Competition and the Supreme administrative court, where we have vast experience in both appealing against such decisions and their defense.

Murgova and partners Attorneys at Law possess a long-term and rich experience in the legal representation of our clients before the Commission for Protection of Competition. Thanks to our excellent knowledge of the national legislation in the sphere of competition law, and the practice of the European Court of First Instance and the Court of Justice of the European Union, we are able to provide our clients with the highest possible level of protection. Lawyers in Murgova and partner Attorneys at Law bring together competence in the sphere of legal representation, commercial/trade law and competition, thereby defending the interests of our clients in the most effective way.

Further, Murgova and Partners Attorneys at Law consults its corporate clients in the process of incorporation of their business, thus ensuring the observation of both national and European Union competition law.

In this respect, we renderthe following services:

  • legal research of concentrations and cartel agreements
  • consultationrelated to all forms of abuse of market power, including claims related to discriminatory conduct, price fixing, excessive contractual terms, vertical restraints, etc.
  • rendering legal services in relation to mergers and acquisitions
  • preparation of preliminary information and notices to public authorities on merger and acquisition transactions
  • consultations on unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices, misleading and comparative advertisements, adverse impact on the consumers’ own interests, etc.
  • support associations which monitor the observation of the established standards
  • consultations on the application of European Competition Law
  • consultations concerning the requirements for granting State aid and drawing up legal opinions concerning the compatibility of investment projects with the legislation, governing the provision of State aid

Murgova and Partners Attorneys at law also renders legal assistance in case of doubt for breaching consumer rights including litigation stages.

Our law office successfully defends the interests of individuals and legal entities whose rights have been infringed as a result of illegal administrative acts. We have wide experience in the sphere of litigation and representation of our clients before the administrative authorities and courts in the Republic of Bulgaria. We are well experienced in proceedings related to the annulment of inappropriate and unlawful administrative acts and penalty orders. Our team is proficient in the preparation and drafting of complete sets of documentation, related to various administrative procedures, advising the clients and offering complete solutions for each case. 

Murgova and partners Attorneys at Law provides its clients a wide scope of legal services and consultations in the sphere of family law and succession. Our activity is predominantly oriented towards assistance for reaching out-of-court agreements, concerning the aforementioned relations, during mediation procedure.

Our team has wide experience in drafting marriage contracts according to the individual preferences of our clients in relation to matrimonial property regimes, legal assistance for concluding deals with property in matrimonial property regime, litigation in divorce cases and in solving personal and property disputes after divorce, drafting agreements in case of divorce by mutual agreement.

Our law office also renders the following services: preparation of wills, litigation in cases about affecting the reserved part of a successor, in distribution of property cases (both voluntary and by the court) as well as solving all kinds of other property issues which arise among heirs.


We highly value:

Professionalism and integrity;

Creativity and unconventional solutions;

Constant pursuit of perfection;

Trust and mutual respect;

Commitment and enthusiasm;

We are highly qualified professionals with proven skills, extensive experience in the field of justice and legal expertise.

Thanks to our high morale, loyalty, direct engagement and concern for the outcome of the case, each of us is able to offer expert legal advice, maximum protection of the client’s interests and favorable results.


Mediation is a voluntary, informal and confidential procedure for a conflict resolution, where a third objective party – the mediator, assists both sides in reaching an agreeable solution, alone and by their own will. Together with arbitration, the mediation is an alternative way for dispute resolution.

Mediation is also called the “golden key to agreement”. Certainly, this alternative method for resolving disputes is the most intelligent choice, because it’s based on defending both parties’ interests and is assisted by a mediator, who by presumption is independent, objective and neutral. Through this method the peaceful resolvement of issues could become your company’s strategy and policy.

Furthermore, mediation is the only one of the alternative ways for  dispute resolution that allows looking into it creatively, simultaneously allowing also controlling the outcome of the dispute.

Mediation has the following main advantages compared with the arbitration and the litigation:

o   The parties can determine the interests and priorities by themselves;

o   Parties control the outcome of the procedure by themselves;

o   Mediation preserves and restores trust, respect the relationship between the parties;

o   Dispute resolution through mediation saves time, stress and unpleasant emotions;

o   Mediation is cheaper than litigation;

o   Mediation is carried out in a pleasant and calm environment, in a time comfortable for both sides;

o   The conversation and agreements between the parties are strictly confidential;

o   There is a high percentage of achieved mutually beneficial agreements throughout mediation;

o   The parties themselves determine and control the final result, which is not affected by another's will / as it is in the court and arbitration/;

o   Procedure based on the method “Win-Win” - I win, you win!

o   The mediator assists the parties in exploring their opportunities and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the case;

The law ensures the same effect of the mediation settlements as the court settlements have. Article 18 from the Mediation Act grants settlements with an executive power.

Each one of the parties in a dispute can address a mediator or a mediation center and initiate the mediation procedure. It’s necessary, however, for the other party to agree to participate, in order to proceed with the procedure.

Mediation is conducted with the participation of the parties and one or two mediators. The parties’ attorneys may also be involved in the procedure. In some cases participation of other consultants, experts and other authorized representatives of the parties can be included. Thereupon, these individuals may participate with or instead of the represented party.

Procedure of mediation:

The first mediation meeting is usually conducted with the participation of the mediator and the arguing parties. It’s possible for consultants of the parties to participate as well (attorneys or others). During this first meeting the parties state their positions and discuss the issues between them.

The subsequent meetings may be conducted between the mediator and each of the parties, as well as with both parties again. The separate meetings are commonly used and a successful tactic, since during them each of the parties has the chance to discuss with the mediator its strong and weak points, its interests, the possible solutions and the information, the party considers confidential. All information, shared with the mediator is and remains strictly confidential.

Conclusion of the mediation – before the signing of the settlement the parties may conduct a meeting with the mediator. There they can discuss the clauses of the settlement.

The settlement – the end of the procedure is marked by signing of the settlement that resolves the dispute the parties had. This is the usual and desired outcome of the mediation procedure. Depending on the subject of the dispute, the parties can conclude the settlement in either verbal or written form. If the settlement is in written form the papers can be signed with or without the presence of a notary.

It is important to be noted that the mediation procedure can end without a settlement. Even in these cases researches have proven the benefits of mediation – communication improvement; clarity of the issues and the needs of each party; visibility of possible solutions. After the conclusion of the mediation procedure, without a settlement, usually the parties reach a solution at a later stage.

Principles of mediation:

Free will – the procedure commences and continues, by the will of the parties. The arguing parties have the right to choose the way to handle the problem. Usually, the solution is such that allows future relationships between the parties to be preserved.

Strict confidentiality – Everything discussed during the mediation procedure, as well as the documents presented during the procedure are strictly confidential and cannot be presented by the participants, not only to other parties, but also to parties, involved in the process of mediation, without the consent of the party, that provided the information/ document.

A guarantee for the confidentiality of the process is confidentiality declarations signed by each party. In addition the mediator does not have the right to testify if the case reaches the court.

Assisted by a third party – The mediator is an independent, neutral and objective expert, which assists the parties to get over the tension between them and facilitates communication. The person in that role has to build up communication and evaluate with caution the interests and of each party, in order to help them reach the most profitable and realistic solution.

Quick and effective – the mediation procedure is usually conducted in one or a couple of meetings, depending on the specificity of the case. Usually, after a couple of meetings, there is a clarity, whether the dispute can be resolved by a settlement.

Economically efficient – Mediation is not only efficient time-wise, but in terms of resources as well. The fees, paid by the parties in the procedure are usually lower, compared to the usual expenses, connected with a court case, which may last for years. Furthermore, mediation saves the fees, related to a lawsuit, as well as valuable time, energy and stress, which are also linked with the dispute resolution in court.

Controlled by the parties, flexible, informal – the procedure is conducted by rules, set up by the parties and the mediator, during a time and in a place, convenient for both parties. The stages and ways of conducting the procedure are under the control of the parties and can be changed, having in mind their needs and the issue’s specificity.

Creative approach, “Win-win” method – the parties define and point out the best possible solution for the argument between them and they are free to modify it and fit it to their needs. Usually, at the end both parties are content with the result. This is the reason why the settlement, reached through mediation is often quick and voluntarily. Furthermore, those qualities presume that the solution will be stable, resistant and long-term.

Confucius said that the argument belongs to the arguing parties. This is the reason why we believe that if the parties rely on a really good mediator, they will be able to find the best solution to their problems, to observe the morality, save time and funds and the most important of everything – to preserve their relationship. 




In relation to the new General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and considering Murgova & Partners law firm’s aim to follow strictly its legal obligations especially considering the personal data protection rules, we would like to present you our new Privacy notices which are effective as of 25th May 2018. The full text of Murgova and Partners' Privacy Notices you can read here.



On 15.03.2017 the General Assembly of the Supreme administrative court judges came out with an Interpretative Judgement №1 within interpretative case №2/2016. By means of this Interpretative Judgement the order for reimbursement of the legal fees for litigation in court cases of cancellation of penal ordinances was prescribed. For more information on these matters see here


On 30.12.2016 in 105th issue of the State Gazette the Law on Amendment and Supplement to the Special Pledges Act was promulgated. The adopted law aims to overcome the ambiguities and gaps in the the Special Pledges Act, related to the implementation of specific provisions, the achievement of the unity and the non-contradiction of the normative basis. For more information on these matters and as well to read our comments on this subject see here.


Murgova & Partners Attorneys at law is focused on the formation of a team of professionals in the various spheres of civil and trade law, which in the most complete volume should comply with the needs of our clients for rendering of juridical consultations and services of high quality and efficacy.

In this aspect, we work and employ recognized lawyers and consultants as well as young specialists, who shall become a part of the quickly expanding team of the office. We prize the excellent academic results, the wish for team work, communication abilities, flexibility and loyalty. It is important for us that the colleague in the office should understand and share our professional conceptions on the profession and our philosophy for rendering juridical consultations and services at the highest professional level.

If you wish to be a part of our team, please fill in the application form. We shall contact you if we are able to offer the suitable post.


Murgova & Partners Attorneys at law organizes summer probations for law students who have completed course three and four. If you have high academic achievements, interest in civil and trade law and wish to be a part of a professional juridical team and to use your academic knowledge in practice, please fill in the application form. We shall contact you if we are able to offer the suitable post.


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